Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Black and White Photography

Today I completed a project that took my entire day. I hooked up to my external hard drive and began sifting through thousands of photographs that I have taken over the last few years searching for some of my favorites and compiled them in separate files. Among these photos I found several gems that I had forgotten about. Some photos that I had every intention of playing around with and never took the time to do so. After a few hours of clicking around I decided I wanted to edit some of these and turn them into something new and a little different.

Since my last running with the past, watching videos from when I was a baby, I have learned that its good to hold onto things from the past. Everything in find and learn, everyone you know and love should should be remembered no matter how long ago you knew them or for how briefly you met. As part remembering a person, it is important to remember what they stood for or what they represent or did represent.

It was also interesting to see how much I have improved at my craft over time. Some of the photos that I was excited about four years ago look like random shots taken from crappy disposable cameras. That is also something that made me happy. Not just the faces that I uncovered while going through my photos but finding out that I have managed to push myself to be better from harder critiquing and going out of my way to find fun photo situations.

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