Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day in School

Between running, taking care of Apollo, and squirming back into the climbing scene I managed to set aside a few days for school this semester. On my way to my next class I ran into Matt Lloyd who was on the phone talking about something that I couldn't quiet piece together with my mild attempt to eaves drop. Its hot out and the weather doesn't show any sign of it getting cooler out in the coming weeks. Though I am sure that in a few months from now I will be meeting up with Matt Lloyd inside at one of the various student lounges only to start off by letting him know how terribly cold it is outside. Matt and I took a little walk through Denver to do some preemptive recon on the building surrounding the campus; we have to do something this year and the time before class does open some opportunities to go climb.

I rode broke back style(meow) on Matt's motor cycle, I will not go into details on this ride because I understand that some people quiver at the mention of things like this that bring some men a little closer together. After which we ran in to Flan who was leading a sick little ride she was calling "The Clown Whip". She can correct that if she wants to but the truth is she called it a few different things. So to wrap up this bit of writing before I head to my next class I will say that I'm excited for school and to get another semester under my belt. At least I don't have math this year.

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