Sunday, June 13, 2010

Deer Creek Canyon Trail.

Two days ago Apollo, Jessica, and I took a little jaunt up the Deer Creek Canyon trail. Though it is more than apparent now, I realize that man's process to consume land and further residential growth is becoming a problem. When someone hikes 20 minutes up trail into a forest full of pine and wild flowers and little animals running across your path is rewarded with the beeping and exhausting of machinery; its a problem to me. I find that to have a trail to hike that sits away from the growth and away from people, is the best find. To find a path of this quality you need to venture further. This summer, I plan to hike a different trail every weekend. Maybe even twice a week. It it takes 5 years it wont matter, so long as I find the path that I am looking for its all going to be worth it.

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Jon said...

....and when the day comes that you find this trail, 3 days later they will destroy it. :(