Saturday, March 6, 2010


As to any start to a good day of climbing everyone that was heading up to Eldo Canyon that day had to over imply my unique ability to be tardy no matter what the circumstances. So I prepared myself early and set out for Adam's house to car pool out to Denver, pick up Lloyd, and venture west.
The weather was perfect. With the perfect balance between blue skies and a cool winter breeze it was turning out to be an alright day. Then I hurt my wrist. As some may of may not know I have not been climbing. My lack of climbing has left my fingers frail and my tendons weak so warming up super fast was about the dumbest thing I could think to do.
After hurting my wrist I took a couple quick goes on Resonated, a boulder down by the river, which left me mud covered and leg wet. The problem around the corner however was tres sympa!
Soon after we made our way down to a highball boulder problem in the river once again but this time much higher and beyond beautiful. This boulder stands menacingly over the river like a red sandstone giant calling out to be climbed. Unfortunately, I was in no mood to make my hand worse so I proceeded to take photos from up close and from across the river. Adam sent the problem, with some hesitation in the middle, and Matt quickly followed up after him. Upon sending it, Matt committed a move in the middle that threw him into a huge cut from the wall and nearly ending his attempt but he pulled it together and topped it with ease.
Evidence? Of course, please enjoy.

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