Saturday, February 28, 2009

Satalites and pulishing rights

Miller's back!!! Today was my first session since the long absence of the man code named "Sir Captain Miller". Today was a good session though the temps got extra cold towards the end of the day. I got a chance to get on 'Captain Hook' for the first time and look forward to getting on it in the near future with some warmer temps. Of course as most sessions go with Matt and the "Facelam crew" go the jokes were plentiful and not always clean, as shown below.
Couple pics of Matt working some moves on Captain Hook and Turning point.

Asher was super helpful and turned out to be quite the light bitch when it came down to handling the reflector, produced by Matt.

Due to "publishing rights" held by Kristen AKA DIGGS, all caps, I am unable to disclose the information of the climber shown in these three pictures. Sorry to let everyone down but if you wish to find out more on this mysterious climber visit Straight into yer Facelam blogsite.

Oh yes if this picture had been around last year it totally would have destroyed the competition in the Foolish faces awards.

Who knew that stealing a dip of chalk could be so dangerous. Nobody could identify the man poking that kid in the eye and we couldnt catch him when he ran back into the forest where he had first emerged.

pic of Asher learning not to pick on your elders. "what did we learn?"


sock hands said...

supar jealouz of awesome looking session w/ eye poking happy endings!

Situner said...

Post of the year?


Post of the Century?

Likely, but time will tell.

Nice shots dood, and thanks for coming up! Maybe some sending next weekend? Let me know!

Word verification = bischer

How appropriate.