Friday, December 12, 2008

Hiking Eldo with Jenna Peeples

Today I broke free from my usual Friday routine and went for a little stroll up Eldo via horse trail that stared somewhere in the middle of town. The weather was perfect and made for a good hike minus the occasional near slip and die on the ice that happened every moment that you drop your guard. Of course this was not only a hike with a friend but a test run on the new lens I purchased two days prior. Sigma wide angle lens. The wide angle, though straying from my usual photo style, has made things a little easier on me as far as landscapes and greater depth of field. Of course I did switch back to the old nikon lens to get a couple shallow depth photos to keep it real. At any rate had a great time hiking with Jenna and hope to do it again. Turns out you don't need to go climbing to enjoy a hike.

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