Monday, October 27, 2008


Well I would like to say im sorry about not actually making an update everyday like I said I would. But Ill have you know that I shall be taking pictures soon again and coming out with some really good ideas. woot woot I know. Plus a close friend of mine and myself are working on what some would call a "web comic". Things look good and we hope that it will take off and gain at least a little bit of popularity. Anyway if you didnt know I pulled a tendon and havent been climbing for a couple weeks so this thursday ill be back in the saddle and hopefully kicking ass.


Situner said...

Kick some ass for me too dood!

I can has trouble kicking some on my own.

oh, and one word...


Put them up photo-monkey!


Situner said...

Your readership requires an update of no less than 5 pictures immediately.

Preferably some news about which corner of the earth you fell off of as well.