Friday, September 26, 2008

Day at the Races

It has come to my attention that JJ AKA Lord of the "Sock Hands" has entirely filled his blog. Now at first this didnt mean to much to me though I would have to wait till the new blog or new means of blogging is discovered. Of course this leaving me with slightly prolonged boredom and now must crawl around in Facebook longer than intended searching for words of wisdom, and whispers of bouldering events from Justin.

Then came the Idea that instead I should race Justin and see who can fill their blog faster. Of course Justin began his two years ago and though i started mine a year ago I have not always been tending to its needs as well as the needs of the public. There for Adam proposed that a race to the filling end of a blog take place. Im vowing to continue to fill my blog as much as possible until it has reached capacity in the next year in hopes of setting a bar for future blog holders.
Of course motivation will be needed as well as pokes and oh yes prods alike are welcome in coaxing photos from my archive as well as new photos of the fine art, climbing, landscape, and anything else you wish to behold.

Bring it.


Situner said...

I would like to hereby enter the fray and attempt the filling of my blog with nonsensical whimsings.

Oh yes, big mega-pixel cameras will certainly help.

This hard fought contest will surely be good for the readers.

Well, in the case of my blog, readER. Singular. Thanks for reading dood.

sock hands said...

my skillz are unparalleled, specially by yous dim but fugly clownfaced bishes.

it has been brought. what did YOU ever bring? nuthin. that's what.

Situner said...

Yours is already maxed out dood.

Therefore, your voice is removed from all further conversations regarding said competition.

I know we are all fighting for second place...

However, we have taken our ball and moved to a different playground to play in peace.

Enjoy your victory.