Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moments we cant ever take back

This picture below is Anne Tedesco attempting to spray data at Adam and myself. There was a lot of appendages flailing about in a violent manner very similar to that of mime or interpretive dance. Ouchy boo boo on elbow.

Alex Herbert attempting the pointless 30 extra feet of climbing to a different top out on a moderately easy boulder prob.

Anne teaching the kids how to make bird noises

Frank's Abercrombie and Fitch model entry photo....wasnt very successful

Jack get eaten by Crash pads


Situner said...

Mad LOLRZ on the Asana ad. It really is blatant.

Horray Climbing!


sock hands said...

bright new pads are like bright white new shoes: need to be muddied, bloodied, and loved out of that fresh and clean state asap.

dope shotzez, mang!

Situner said...

I think the Abercrombie shot of Frank could only be made better by knee-high seventies basketball socks with colored stripes on them.

That would be AWESOME!