Friday, August 1, 2008

Ludders send fest

From the moment that we got to the boulders it was threating to rain but never really did. All through the day the weather walked the cusp between rain and shine essentially leading the session into a working fury. Anne tossed relentlessly at the top hold to Ludders Pinch from the slopper but was finally convinced that new beta was in order for a send. After adding the crimp to here line up of holds to use she send second try and devastated the top out that seemed to be giving others trouble. "What top out?" Anne may have said had she not ran to the top of the boulder squealing like a 6 year old girl on Christmas day. Alex on the other hand used a completely different beta involving his freak reach and a far right foot to help press the sloper rather than hang and toss the crimp. Instead a quick toss to the top hold a failed attempt on the top out lead him to victory in the end leaving one more problem for him on the boulder. Frank ended up going with the heal hook of doom start and crossing right hand to the sloping pinch first before matching and continuing to the crimp and topping out where as I myself was attempting the dyno and while missing the jug by an inch or less it seemed on every attempt it felt amazing and now I may need to settle with some alternate beta as well. The hike was a little not intense unless you count the rain making log walking and stone hopping V11 then i suppose it was a little more exciting than I previously proposed.
Now I find myself listening to Cafe Del Mar - Chill out, and trying to decide what to do for the day. Nice sends yesterday and good luck to Frank on Peasants into leaders vicious highball.

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