Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Dyno

I dont know why it is but for some reason beyond me i always forget how freakin hot it gets in Matthew Winters Park in the summer. Why do i keep going back is about all i could think of on the way up while the heat was beating down on my face. The heat wasnt as bad as it was last week when we made the short hike in 100 degree dry as all hell temps.
After a couple of goes on Ghost Dance my skin peeled and tore again and I also felt a little interesting pain heading into a small two finger pocket. At any rate though the problem did not send I got some amazing photos with Matt Lloyd's great enthusiasm and Adam's mediocre flashlight handling skills.


DenverBouldering said...

My flashlight skills are pro. Recognize Fool.

Said said...

I like the photo with Frank. sunset crushes those with no reflectors.


Diggity said...

I will go to the millenium boulder and crush ghost dance with you when it cools off.