Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hot day at the park

Well the temps were hott yes with two 'T's read it and like. Hot and sticky, but in a bad humid way that did mesh well with the climbing scene that was continuing on despite the conditions. Dudley and Becka got psyched on climbing Revenge in lower Chaos Canyon in RMNP. Frank sent the problem first go after his attempts last year when he managed to do all the moves spend more time on it than he does on any 40 foot route in Rifle. Adam sent Makaela which is actually the same distance as a hop skip and a jump which I thought was weird cause i could have sworn that they were a little further...I thought it was more of a scuttle last year but i suppose i was mistaken. Of course i found myself running about in my photo shananagen frenzy and managed to come away with some good photos of not just climbing but nature. To my great surprise they came out looking like they werent taken by a tourist of which were plenty this particular trip.
Good times and I had fun making these photos. Also if anyone is going climbing soon if you dont mind i would like to tag along and take some pictures cause I need more practice. Any trips? Late sessions? let me hear it.


DenverBouldering said...

I dig the photos. Some are a little weird, you should probably have put the beer down. Send me some for my site.

annie said...

danny those photos are amazing, wish i could have gone :( fell like i have missed a lot. let me know when you're climbing next

me said...

nice photos. i think a group of people are going to evans on tue. and then again the following weekend.